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Alaska Moose Hunting: An Adventurous Trip


Alaska offers a variety of hunting opportunities, many of the world class. Some species, such as caribou and moose, are widely distributed across much of the state. However, depending on the month, animals may be scarce even where good habitat exists, but abundant elsewhere. Many big game species in Alaska make long migrations between their seasonal ranges. The keys to hunting successfully are careful planning and thorough preparation.

Alaska moose are the largest of all moose species. Because Alaska has such a large wilderness there are many opportunities to hunt moose. The successful moose hunter is very patient, spends lots of time glassing, stays in one area so as not to spread human scent, is strategic and skillful at moose calling, and above all is in excellent physical condition. Alaska Moose hunting trip is full of adventure and every hunter get the best experience in moose hunting. But while making a trip of moose hunting Alaska, some of the major keys that always kept in mind:

  • Knowledge of area properly
  • Proper Gears used while hunting like rifles, knife, rifle scoops, camera etc.
  • And another most important thing is clothing

As moose are the very big animal and they had a good sense of smell. They easily identify the danger near around us by smelling and to protect themselves gives the opposite attack. So it’s necessary to keep all such things in mind while going to the trip for moose hunting in Alaska.

In the stage of modern time, a lot of platforms that can help you or we can say guide you properly while making a trip of hunting moose. One of them is Clear Water Outfitters. They are having the best team of hunting guide and in the trip of moose hunting Alaska they always got final success without any harm to any person.

In the last, make an adventurous trip of Alaska moose hunting with the guideline of Clear Water Outfitter and got the success by hunting the world biggest species of animal-like moose without any harm.

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Choose Guided Hunts – To Increase Your Chances of Success

Guided hunts are preferred by the people over non-guided ones because the chances of success are more in the guided hunts. If you are someone who holds a wish of a hunting journey, but don’t know how to fulfill it, then you must read the given blog. You need to be aware of one thing that hunting is not legal in most parts of the world and where this activity is a legal activity, then there would have some strict rules and regulations that one has to follow. The first thing to do is find out the places where the activity of hunting is legal. You can choose one place for your hunt.

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When you are done with the selection of an area, then the next job is to find out the legal formalities that one needs to fulfill to go for a hunt there. The formalities would be like taking written permission for hunting from the local body and submitting a photocopy of your hunting license. This is not enough because you also need the top quality hunting gear, which includes a big game hunting rifle, butchering knives and bow and arrows (only when you choose to hunt with bow and arrows). Please note you have to carry all this equipment all the time because you don’t know which situation you have to deal with.

There is also a solution to this, which is to choose a hunting outfitter that makes you free from carrying your own equipment because it will provide you with every single equipment you need. The state of Alaska is like a home to moose as their population in the region is more than enough. That’s why there are several companies offering guided Alaska moose hunts and you can contact anyone of those for fulfilling your dream of hunting. However, do some good research about the company and make sure it is the best in the region.
At Clearwater Alaska Outfitters, we offer guided Alaska Grizzly Hunts and guided Alaska Black Bear Hunts. We have amazing moose hunting area in Remote Alaska near the Yukon River where our specialty is hunting Trophy Alaska Moose.  100% success on our Guided Alaska Moose Hunting!